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This tool allows you to manage all your e-mail accounts from a single place
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POP Peeper is a desktop e-mail client that allows you to manage all your e-mail accounts from a single place. The program enables you to browse messages, reply to them, create new ones, delete them, mark them as junk and more, for any of your configured e-mail accounts. Moreover, this tool automatically checks your inboxes every 15 minutes (by default), and alerts you when new messages are present.

POP Peeper offers a simple and straightforward user interface where all the key elements are right at hand. Its visual design, however, is a bit dull and rough, and it could be widely improved. The provided toolbar offers quick and convenient access to the most used commands such as "Check Mail", "Compose", "Reply", "Addresses" and "Hide Read", among others. On the left side of the program's main window, there is a small panel where all your configured e-mail accounts are listed - each one is identified by a color code. From here, you can edit or remove an account, and filter the messages list to show only those for the selected one. Finally, the main panel shows the list of all your e-mails. You can set the program to show the e-mails from all your accounts or from a single one only, and you can also switch among three views: "Inbox", "Outbox" and "Draft". To read a message, you just need to double-click it.

The program's installer is pretty lightweight, however, it downloads additional files during the installation process, so, an active Internet connection is required for this. Right after the program is installed, the new-account creation wizard is automatically launched. It allows you to import your existing accounts from other e-mail clients like MS Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape and others, but you can also create new accounts very easily. POP Peeper provides a fast method to add accounts from the most widely used webmail services such as Yahoo!, Hotmail/Outlook, Gmail, Lycos, Excite, Mail.com and others, but you can also add generic IMAP/POP3 accounts by providing all the required information. It is also possible to configure a security level for each one of your accounts: low, medium and high. On the high security level, the messages will be displayed in a text mode only (not HTML), and all the images, links and attachments will be blocked, while on the low security mode everything will be enabled by default.

In a nutshell, POP Peeper is a versatile tool that will provide you with all the elements and tools you might require to manage one or all your e-mail accounts with ease. You can use the free edition of the program indefinitely, however, some of the tools you can find in the Pro edition will be unavailable, such as the spell checker.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Easy to use
  • Functional user interface
  • Allows you to retrieve the messages from all your e-mail accounts at once
  • Includes a practical new-account creation wizard
  • Allows you to configure multiple security levels for your accounts


  • Dull and rough interface
  • The installation process requires an active Internet connection
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