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POP Peeper 3.4

POP Peeper checks for new e-mail messages on one or several e-mail accounts
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POP Peeper is a free program that helps us know if we have any new e-mail message on one or several e-mail accounts at the same time. The new version 3.4 of POP Peeper has been greatly enhanced and improved. It now features much more advanced options and supports a wider range of webmail accounts, such as AOL, AIM, Excite, FastMail, Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, Live Hotmail, iWon, Juno, Lycos, Mail.com, MyWay, NetZero, RediffMail, and Yahoo. The new version has already been translated to Croatian, German, Russian, and Turkish, with new languages coming in. These languages and languages for older versions of this program are available for downloading free of charge. We can also download new notification skins, including one that uses a voice to notify us about new messages, which is a very helpful complement if we are doing something else away from the computer.

We can manage e-mail messages in several ways: compose, reply, reply to all, forward, hide read, store to disk, delete, etc. We are allowed to create, delete, and edit our accounts, open/edit our address book from within the program, open our e-mail client, and much more. From the Option menu, we can select a skin and change settings, run PPTweeker, manage administration password, and so on.

The graphical user interface is quite friendly and easy to use. The new account setup wizard will guide us along the process of creating/importing accounts. We can import one or several e-mail accounts (batch import supported) from our e-mail client such as Outlook Express, Mozilla, Eudora, and Netscape, or create a new account using POP3, IMAP, or WebMail servers.

If we happen to have a Gmail account, we can face problems using either the POP3/SSL or the Webmail connection method. The former may not always be available, and the latter may prevent us from viewing all the messages in a conversation, and most importantly, we may not be able to send attachments. This should be kept in mind.

POP Peeper runs under Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, ME, NT, and 98 OS.

Review summary


  • Free for personal use (donations accepted)
  • Voice Notification
  • We can offer to translate this program into our own language
  • It saves us a lot of time & effort
  • Help file informs us about virus protection


  • When using Gmail, we will receive not only the new unread messages but all the messages (all mixed up, including spam messages) that we keep in our mailbox
  • Its interface is not as convenient as that of Gmail
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